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The Partnership’s Market Intelligence team combines economic data and local intelligence to understand the key trends impacting Orlando’s economy. We do this by engaging with local businesses and by assessing the local impact of wider economic events. We publish updates on the regional economy, highlight competitive advantages that help drive new investment into Orlando, and address areas of future strategic opportunity for the region. Our work helps companies, site selectors, and civic leaders make well-informed decisions about Orlando’s growth and allows the Partnership to be evidence-led and insight-driven in its pursuit of Broad-Based Prosperity.



Check back here for the latest research reports produced on trends in the Central Florida region. Topics include emerging industries & technologies, workforce development and implications of Orlando’s explosive growth.

Skills-based Hiring Reports

This four-part report introduces data-backed, easy-to-implement strategies to address the changing dynamics of Orlando’s labor market.

Orlando 2030 Report

Using historical trends and a host of data sources, the report outlines a likely set of projections for Orlando’s future.

Orlando Transportation 2030 Report

A blueprint for the region’s transportation future outlining seven priorities to guide regionalaction over the next decade.


News and Updates

The Market Intelligence team regularly provides articles and relevant updates on the regional economy.

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