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Orlando has the right climate of innovation, entrepreneurship, and research and development to nurture, grow and sustain cleantech businesses. Plus, the region is committed to sustainability and has ambitious goals to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency, providing access between your business and customers.

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  • 100+ Payrolled Business Locations

    (BLS, QCEW Q3 2022)

  • 4,500+ CleanTech Related Jobs

    (BLS, QCEW Q3 2022)

  • 13,000+ Annual Graduates in Related Programs within 100 Miles

    (IPEDS, 2021)

  • Florida’s Most Central Location

We’re known by the companies we keep

From large multi-national corporations like Mitsubishi Power Americas and Siemens Energy to midsize companies and start-ups, companies with advanced manufacturing operations in Orlando span a full spectrum of sectors.


Company: Siemens

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Mitsubishi Power Americas

Company: Mitsubishi Power Americas

Phone: (407) 688-6800

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Novasol Energy

Company: Novasol Energy

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Allsolar Energy

Company: Allsolar Energy

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Argonide Corporation

Company: Argonide Corporation

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Company: Limbach

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“The quality of life, the pro-business environment, the highly developed transportation hub and the high quality of the regional talent base are key reasons why we call Orlando home….”

– Paul Browning

CEO, Mitsubishi Power Americas

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Higher Education Programs In Clean Tech

Major CLEAN TECH Operations

Companies like Siemens and Mitsubishi Power Americas are part of the CleanTech business ecosystem in Orlando.


Siemens’ global North American headquarters is based in Orlando.

Mitsubishi Power Americas

Mitsubishi Power Americas established its Western Hemisphere headquarters for versatile power generation technologies in Orlando in 1999 and has been growing ever since.


Industry Assets

Florida is a top state for solar power, ranking third in the U.S. for PV deployments in 2021. The Orlando Region has over 1 megawatt of floating solar installed. The City of Orlando also has a convenient and efficient solar permitting process. Plus, Orlando was one of the first cities to be designated by the U.S. Department of Energy as a Solar America City in June 2007.

Florida Power Electronics Center at UCF

Established in 1998, the Center’s Mission is to develop advanced energy conversion technologies for solar and other renewable sources through multidisciplinary engineering research and education in the field of power electronics and system integration.

NanoScience Technology Center at UCF

Initiatives include: Nanoscale Optoelectronic Materials and Device for Energy Conversion and Integrated Photovoltaic Device Development.

Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center at UCF

Interdisciplinary research and education center for materials science and engineering.

The Center for Advanced Turbomachinery & Energy Research (CATER) at UCF

The Center sees opportunity and responsibility for leading innovation for turbines for propulsion and power generation.

Florida Solar Energy Center at UCF

Est. in 1975. The United States premier energy research institution to advance research and development and education in solar energy with a focus on renewable energy, efficiency and sustainable transportation research, demonstration and education.

Orlando Utilities Commission’s Robinson Recharge Mobility Hub

One of six stations that OUC will build by 2025 to encourage EV ownership and reduce CO2 emissions.

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