We’re more than just a one company town

Key Sectors

While some people are busy thinking that Orlando is just a tourist town, Orlando is busy leading the nation in technologies like advanced manufacturing, bio tech, aerospace, defense, simulation and more. Because as a Top 10 American City of the Future for three years running, there’s probably a lot more you don’t know about Orlando.

  • 80%+ of Workers Are Employed Outside of Leisure & Hospitality

    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023

  • Growth Icon

    No. 2 in the Country for Job Growth

    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023

  • 1000+ People per Week Added to the Population

    U.S. Census Bureau

Headquarters and Regional Offices

The home of happiness. We just call it home.

Optics & Photonics

Leading the nation in tourism and photonics technology.


The Orlando region is home to a 500-acre epicenter of semiconductor manufacturing reshoring.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing more than magical vacations.

Autonomous Vehicles

We see the future of transportation because we’re driving it.

Aerospace & Defense

An economy built to take man to the moon.

Digital Media

The most visited destination is also a creative hub.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

The land of recreation and healthcare innovation.

Innovative Technologies

Tech is one of the biggest tickets in town.


Exporting financial innovation across the globe.


The birthplace of the experience economy.

Medical Technology

Fast-growing medical device companies and global players have set up shop in Orlando because of its recognized medical device training expertise.


Aviation companies take off here.

Entertainment Technology

The most visited destination is also a creative hub.


Making (and playing) games is serious business here.

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

Orlando’s abundance of pharmaceutical companies distribute 70 percent of the country’s specialty drugs.

Business Services

In Orlando, it’s our business to make companies here and everywhere operate, perform and succeed at the top of their industry.

Logistics & Distribution

Florida’s most connected city.


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From large multi-national corporations like Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas and Siemens Energy to mid-size companies and start-ups, our significant Advanced Manufacturing industry spans a full spectrum of sectors.