The Orlando Economic Partnership uses cutting-edge economic and industry research to understand the Central Florida market. As one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, Orlando has a dynamic economy and is home to niche industries that go beyond the region’s traditional strengths in tourism and hospitality. Below, you will find all available downloads in one convenient location pertaining to Orlando’s statistics, as well as FAQs about data sources and previous resources.

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View a regional map and get the most recent demographic and business information for each county and city in Central Florida.

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When considering payroll, construction and real estate, utilities, state taxes and incentives, Orlando serves up savings like sunshine.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: There is data missing that I used to download from the previous data center. Where did it go?

In order to provide the most up-to-date data and resources, we have reduced the number of downloads that are maintained online. If there is a sheet you used to download from the previous data center that you would like to request, please contact our Market Intelligence Team, who will be happy to direct you to where that information is publicly available.

Q: Where does the data come from?

The Partnership uses a wide variety of data sources to produce our downloads and reports. Publicly available data sources include the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Partnership also utilizes data from a variety of sources including JobsEQ, EMSI & ESRI to analyze industry and workforce trends.

Q: How can I build custom community and demographic reports?

Use the Properties database, linked below, to build custom reports for every county and city in the Orlando region. Select the “Communities” tab to access the most up-to-date ESRI reports and demographic information.

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Download the most recent ESRI demographic and business information for each county and city in Central Florida.

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