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Orlando’s utility services are noted for reliability. Progressive, modern systems—and backup systems—enable utility companies to deliver uninterrupted service to customers at highly competitive prices. Eight electric companies produce or bring power to the region.

  • Lake Nona is One of the Nation’s First Gigabit Communities

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    Orlando Sits Atop One of Florida’s Largest Fresh Aquifers

  • 100% of Fiber Optic Systems are Fully Redundant and Self-Healing

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    City of Orlando Government Pledged to Run on 100% Renewable Energy by 2030

A DIVERSE ENERGY Selection Natural Gas Options

Natural gas is clean, safe, domestically produced and abundant, and is distributed by a host of reputable outlets.

Lake Nona: One of the Nation’s First Gigabit Communities

Within the City of Orlando lies an 11-square-mile, master planned community called Lake Nona. This community is one of the nations’s first ‘gigabit’ communities, bringing an unmatched broadband capacity to its residents and businesses. In late 2012, Cisco designated Lake Nona as its first ‘iconic’ Smart + Connected™ community in the United States (joining Sydney, London, Barcelona, Rio among others). Cisco plans to work with Lake Nona over the next 15 years to build out Smart+Connected™ Communities solutions, including Smart Work Centers, and Innovation and Incubation Centers.

advanced assets Telecommunications

Orlando has the most advanced telecommunications assets in the southeast. All of our telecom central offices are fiber-based with digital switching, and 100 percent of our fiber optic systems are fully redundant and self-healing.

SunRail downtown Orlando


Orlando’s infrastructure offers reliability, affordability and efficiency.

Taxes & Incentives

Orlando serves up savings like sunshine.