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When considering state taxes, Florida business incentives, payroll, utilities, construction and real estate,  Orlando tax rates and overall business costs serve up savings like sunshine. Plus, with an affordable cost of living in Orlando as well, a dollar goes further here than many other more expensive metro regions. The state of Florida and our region’s leaders have made it a priority to have a low tax burden for our businesses and residents.

  • No. 2 Best State for Business

    Chief Executive Magazine, 2023

  • NO State Income Tax

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    No. 4 Best Tax Climate in the U.S.

    Tax Foundation, 2022


Cost of Living in Orlando

Living here means watching your dollar go far beyond where it goes elsewhere. From housing and healthcare to groceries and beyond, nothing compares to the incredible cost of living in Orlando. Compare for yourself and see how fast your costs could go down like a Summit Plummet.

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Florida Business Incentives

Orlando tax rates are already low due to supportive state and local policies. Florida business incentives are also available to qualifying relocating and expanding companies on a case-by-case basis with job creation, quality of wages and capital investment being the significant deciding factors.

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