America’s most visited destination is also one oF The Most Connected

Central Florida’s infrastructure offers reliability, affordability and efficiency — giving Orlando businesses seamless access to the people and places they need to reach. Companies can depend on a diverse variety of transportation modes at the heart of Florida’s supply chain and critical to our thriving economy. The region’s utilities network sustains the needs of our community with clean, green sources of fuel, power and water.

  • $12B+ Transportation Infrastructure Investments

  • 9.5M+ Population within 2-Hour Drive

    ESRI, 2023

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    3 Major Ports Less than 2 Hours Away


Orlando has been in the business of moving people around for a long time.

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Orlando’s utility services are noted for reliability.

We’ve got land to expand

Room To Grow

Central Florida’s infrastructure is one of the leading factors attracting businesses to Orlando. The next time you fly into Orlando International Airport or any of our other six international airports, be sure to take a good look out of your airplane window – you’ll see a vast acreage of green lush land dotted by bright blue bodies of water that attracted Walt Disney to Orlando more than 60 years ago when he first visited the area and made Central Florida the home of the most successful theme parks in the world. The plentiful land with ample room to grow and air, land, sea and rail transportation assets at the heart of the Florida supply chain network – combined with competitive rates from Orlando’s power providers – have continued to attract world-class developments.

Consider global companies like KPMG, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and Johnson & Johnson that have all chosen to build brand new state-of-the-art facilities, and in record time, in Orlando.

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