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Orlando is home to a first-of-its-scale regional digital twin. Created in partnership with Unity (NYSE: U), the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content, the brand-new 3D technology maps 800 square miles of the region. Additionally, the Orlando Regional Digital Twin recreates 40 square miles in high-fidelity, including Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. It represents first large regional digital twin in use by an economic development organization.

Orlando Regional Digital Twin Close Up
“The Digital Twin technology and capabilities truly exemplify why Orlando has been designated the MetaCenter of the Metaverse…”

– Buddy Dyer

Mayor, City of Orlando

Anything is possible If you can imagine it

While other cities’ digital twins have singular applications for smaller areas, the technology for the Orlando region will have nearly unlimited uses. For economic development, the Partnership will show site selectors and CEOs available land and real estate, as well as areas of interest for different industries, infrastructure connectivity and talent availability all while saving drive time.

  • Maps 800 square miles of the Orlando region

  • Recreates 40 square miles in high fidelity

  • Showcases Central Florida Research Park, Lake Nona, Lake Mary, Creative Village and NeoCity

Orlando Regional Digital Twin

The Orlando Regional Digital Twin will enable the organizations across the region to market Orlando, engage stakeholders, explore solutions for shared challenges, and grow our region and economy. 

Orlando’s digital twin is able to layer on different data sets to highlight infrastructure and development, view traffic patterns, map the flow of new talent into our workforce and determine the impact of our region’s growth. By aggregating public and private sources of information, the digital twin serves as a critical resource for all decision makers in the area, making the technology a vital piece of Orlando’s future.

the 5 levels of digital twins

Currently deployed in a digital marketing center at the Partnership’s new headquarters in downtown Orlando, with an online version set for launch in phase II of the project, the digital twin incorporates various data sets from multiple sources, allowing companies, local governments, and nonprofits to visualize how plans will impact the region.

Digital twins operate at five levels of sophistication. The simplest models integrate data from various sources; the most advanced model can act autonomously.
Orlando’s Digital Twin is Level 2.

Level 1: Descriptive / Mirroring Twin

  • The descriptive twin is a live, editable version of design and construction data—a visual replica of a built asset.

Level 2: Informative / Monitoring Twin

  • This level has an added layer of operational and sensory data. The twin captures and aggregates defined data and verifies data to make sure that systems work together.

Level 3: Predictive / Modeling and Simulation Twin

  • This twin can use operational data to gain insights.

Level 4: Comprehensive Twin

  • This twin simulates future scenarios and considers “what-if” questions.

Level 5: Autonomous Twin

  • This twin can learn and act on behalf of users.

Orlando Digital Twin FAQs

What is a Digital Twin

Digital twins are dynamic virtual copies of physical assets, processes, systems and/or environments that look and behave identically to real-world counterparts.

What is the Orlando Regional Digital Twin?

Orlando’s digital twin is essentially a virtual copy of the entire region with different data sets layered throughout.

How is the Orlando Regional Digital Twin a “first-of-its-scale?”

The project marks a first for digital twin technology, which has not previously mapped a region at this scale.

Why did Orlando build a regional digital twin?

This digital twin is the culmination of our world-class modeling and simulation companies, AR/VR/XR, defense and gaming industries. With this fully realized digital twin, the Partnership will be able to show site selectors and CEOs available land and real estate, as well as areas of interest for different industries, infrastructure connectivity and talent availability all while saving drive time.

How can regional business and community partners us the digital twin?

Utility companies and city planners will be able to map out proposed infrastructure improvements on a holographic display. Stakeholders from across the region can plug in their own data, creating a rich 3D model that can be used for different simulations, such as climate change, as well as infrastructure planning.

Orlando Digital Twin
“This immersive digital twin is a game changer that highlights Orlando’s unique value proposition and people from around the U.S. and the globe will want to come here to see it…”

– Tim Giuliani

President and CEO , Orlando Economic Partnership

Developed in Partnership with unity

The Partnership chose to partner with Unity based on the company’s extensive leadership in gaming, government solutions and its experience building digital twins for other well-known organizations.

San Francisco-based Unity opened its second office in Orlando in 2020 to take advantage of the region’s deep ties to the defense, gaming, modeling, simulation and training sectors. The company has created digital twins for Hong Kong and Tyndall Air Force Base.

Unique to Unity’s platform, stakeholders from across the region can plug in their own data, creating a rich 3D model that can be used for different simulations, such as climate change, as well as infrastructure planning.

Orlando Regional Digital Twin in action
“Orlando’s digital twin will help companies to better plan for expansion in the future and map out new transit routes to connect Floridians with new jobs in the process…”

– Callan Carpenter

Vice President Digital Twin Solutions, Unity

a key component of the metacenter™

Digital twins are playing an important role in the development of the Metaverse and the companies in the Orlando region are uniquely positioned to create digital twins and other metaverse enabling technologies for organizations around the world. 

From world-renowned theme parks and hospitality to gaming and our deep history of modeling and simulation, Orlando is a global leader in the development of cutting-edge immersive technology and services. 

The Orlando Regional Digital Twin is just one of the products of this legacy of innovation.

Orlando Regional Digital Twin with Data Overlays
“Orlando is not only a hub for business and technology, but a merging intersection of many industries including defense, space and entertainment – an obvious choice for our second office…”

– John Riccitiello

CEO, Unity

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