Thank you for inquiring about The MetaCenter™!

One of the many things that makes Orlando Unbelievably Real is that it’s home to a flourishing cluster of companies that are building the key enabling technologies fundamental to the metaverse. At the intersection of entertainment, defense and tech, as well as being renowned as the modeling, simulation and training (MS&T) capital of the world, our region is on the bleeding edge of augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, gaming, internet of things and 3D reconstruction.

The metaverse is the future, and it’s being built in The MetaCenter™, right here in our backyard.

As The MetaCenter™ evolves, we’d love to learn how we can plug you into our metaverse strategy and connect you with talent, companies, tech and innovation.

A member of the Orlando Economic Partnership’s Tech & Innovation team will be reaching out to schedule a virtual call.

Thank you!