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Orlando is the leading region in the U.S. building the foundation of the Metaverse. Its expertise in creating immersive, technologically advanced experiences has long placed Orlando as the MetaCenter™ of new world adventure. The metaverse affects the way we interact with each other, how we approach work, and how we’re entertained. From AR/VR, gaming and fintech to IoT, modeling, simulation and AI, Orlando’s innovation, entrepreneurs, companies, and talent pioneer the key enabling technologies of the metaverse and the evolution of the global digital economy.

“Orlando’s vast experience in interactive entertainment and modeling, simulation and training coupled with the rise of regional expertise in AR/VR, AI, IOT, and more, makes the region uniquely positioned for future growth…”

– Daryl Holt

Vice President and General Manager, EA Tiburon, EA SPORTS Austin and EA SPORTS Madrid

Decades of Pioneering Key Metaverse TechnologieS


The metaverse is being created in Orlando…We call it The MetaCenter™

The density of talent, investment, industry, and creativity in the areas of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, IoT technology, gaming, 3D, and modeling and simulation makes Orlando ground zero for Metaverse development – a fact that is Unbelievably Real.

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    Home to the largest concentration of VR/AR faculty and researchers from all U.S. universities

    University of Central Florida, 2022

  • $6B+ Annual Simulation-related Contracts in the Region

    National Center for Simulation, 2022

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    UCF Game Design Program Ranked No. 1 in the World

    Princeton Review, 2020-2022

  • No. 1 Fastest-growing City for Entrepreneurs

    Linkedin News, 2021

Orlando Regional Digital Twin with Data Overlays
“Orlando is not only a hub for business and technology, but a merging intersection of many industries including defense, space and entertainment – an obvious choice for our second office…”

– John Riccitiello

CEO, Unity

What is the METAVERSE

Massive shared worlds driven by virtual products and experiences that are highly immersive, interactive and interoperable.

“From simulation and modeling to game development, world building, and even Imagineering, Orlando houses not only the talent, but also the business-friendly climate incentives that are needed to develop the metaverse…”

– Cathy Hackl

Godmother of the Metaverse, Chief Metaverse Officer, Journey

Orlando Metacenter™ industries


  • Orlando is home to the largest density of Unity licenses in the U.S.
  • Orlando is building the first immersive Digital Twin.
  • Orlando is the global epicenter of modeling, simulation and training which is the core of technology to create the metaverse.
  • Orlando’s world-class entertainment, theme park and gaming industry provides large talents pools for creative and design.
  • The Simulation Learning, Evaluation, Assessment and Research Network (SimLEARN) is the VHA’s program for simulation in health care training. 
  • The Central Florida Chapter of the AR/VR Association is one of the largest and most active chapters. 

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Company: Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Phone: (407) 356-1000

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Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Company: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

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AVT Simulation

AVT Simulation provides engineering, modeling, support, and database services within the training and simulation industries.

Company: AVT Simulation

Industry: Simulation

Company Size (Employees): 0-50

Brand XR

A no-code Augmented Reality platform and award-winning XR creative studio.

Company: Brand XR

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Red 6

Brings the Virtual and Constructive assets into the real-world by allowing pilots and ground operators to see synthetic threats in…

Company: Red 6

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JetBlue operates one of its three national training centers at Orlando International Airport (MCO), called its Orlando Support Campus.

Company: JetBlue

Industry: Aviation and Airlines

Company Size (Employees): 1000-5000

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Engineering & Computer Simulations

Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) is a global training and technology solutions company headquartered in Orlando.

Company: Engineering & Computer Simulations

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Mass Virtual

Located in Central Florida Research Park, Mass Virtual helps organizations increase their level of experience by using virtual technologies to…

Company: Mass Virtual

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Leidos is an American defense, aviation, information technology, and biomedical research company.

Company: Leidos

Industry: Aviation, Aerospace and Defense, Energy

Company Size (Employees): 500-1000

Echo Interaction Group

Echo is a Mobile app development firm that offers a range of emerging technologies.

Company: Echo Interaction Group

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Falcon’s Creative Group

Company: Falcon’s Creative Group

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Steamroller Studios

Steamroller Studios is a full-service production studio with a focus on high-end animation, programming, and concept art.

Company: Steamroller Studios

Industry: Innovative Technologies

Company Size (Employees): 0-50


  • University of Central Florida’s Department of Computer Science employs faculty experts in machine learning and AI.
  • Orlando-headquartered AdventHealth partnered with GE Health to open the nation’s largest ‘Mission Control’ command center using AI technology to monitor patients across the entire health care system.  It is the nation’s largest healthcare command center, at over 12,500 square feet with 78 workstations that were designed, built, and installed by Constant Technologies. Currently there are 50 team members on staff, with the available capacity to grow. Mission Control is built to evolve as the system and the needs of the hospital change and progress.
  • Siemens’ Orlando operations use a digital twin and AI technology application called MindSphere to simulate power plant models.
  • An industry leader in the application of innovative, third-wave, context-informed AI solutions for DoD research and development problems, SoarTech focuses on the development of intelligent software that reasons like humans, to automate complex tasks, simplify human-machine interactions, and model human behaviors. 
  • Checkr is a background check company that helps employers hire candidates with criminal backgrounds and uses AI in its process.


Uses AI and machine learning to help tens of thousands of companies modernize their background check process

Company: Checkr

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Helps U.S. agencies develop intelligent systems that emulate human decision making in order to enhance user abilities

Company: SoarTech

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Pioneered the creation and adoption of AI-first virtual assistants by enterprises across all industries and regions

Company: kore.ai

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Company: AdventHealth

Phone: (407) 357-1000

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Company: Siemens

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An AI technology company that builds fully autonomous SaaS products using the latest AI software technologies for our global customer…


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Transforms healthcare settings with powerful AI-enabled automation

Company: care.ai

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A business holding company dedicated to the automation of business processes through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and software…

Company: Mayasoft

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optics & photonics | Modeling, simulation & training


  • Orlando has a uniquely competitive position for optics and photonics companies due to its longstanding history in aerospace technology and manufacturing.
  • The region’s assets like the University of Central Florida’s College of Optics & Photonics (CREOL) and Central Florida Research Park give these companies a competitive advantage compared to other locations around the world.
  • Orlando’s simulation industry is powered by more than 60 years of research and development, a workforce more than 60,000 strong, billions of dollars’ worth of investment and an ecosystem of connected infrastructure and specialized centers of excellence.
  • From our early aviation roots as a training center for military pilots and later a community built to win the space race, Orlando’s storyline is one that begins and remains one of a community that welcomes and embraces simulation innovation.
  • From aerospace and defense to education, healthcare and gaming, Orlando’s simulation technology sector is behind innovations with global impact.  

University of Central Florida

Company: University of Central Florida

Phone: (407) 823-2000

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Luminar Technologies

Luminar is a sensor and software company with the vision to power every AV by delivering the only LiDAR capable…

Company: Luminar Technologies

Industry: Electronics

Company Size (Employees): 100-500


Based in Central Florida Research Park, SIMETRI develops creative, realistic technologies to fill or improve critical medical training gaps with…

Company: SIMETRI

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LensAR is a medical device manufacturer based in Orlando that provides next-generation femtosecond laser technology for refractive cataract surgery.

Company: LensAR

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A precision manufacturer of patient-specific custom beam shaping devices for proton, electron, and photon therapies

Company: .decimal

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Enabling clinicians to visualize and experience human anatomy in three-dimensional form with unparalleled realism, accuracy, and clinical usability.

Company: Dash

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NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc.

A global leader in 3D scanning, 3D pringing, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping

Company: NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc.

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A world leader in the field of laser control software and hardware, laser diode protection, and galvanometers and rotary actuators.

Company: ScannerMax

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TrueScan specializes in laser scanning and 3D modeling services nationally and at many international sites.

Company: TrueScan

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FARO Technologies

FARO Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and supports software driven three-dimensional (3D) measurement and imaging solutions.

Company: FARO Technologies


A high-technology, research and development corporation based in Kissimmee, Florida that specializes in the furtherance of 3D optical sensing and…

Company: Photon-X

Industry: Optics and Photonics

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L3Harris Technologies

L3Harris Technologies (L3Harris) is an American technology company, defense contractor and information technology services provider.

Company: L3Harris Technologies

Industry: Aviation, Aerospace and Defense

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Lightpath Technologies

Company: Lightpath Technologies

Industry: Optics and Photonics

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Ocean Insight

Ocean Insight’s facility in Central Florida Research Park encompasses the company’s corporate headquarters as well as manufacturing, engineering, and administrative…

Company: Ocean Insight

Industry: Optics and Photonics

Company Size (Employees): 100-500

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OptiGrate is a manufacturing facility.

Company: OptiGrate

Industry: Optics and Photonics

Company Size (Employees): 0-50

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is a global aerospace and defense technology company.

Company: Northrop Grumman

Industry: Aviation, Aerospace and Defense

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  • Orlando’s playground extends beyond its theme parks and outdoor recreation options into the digital world.
  • Fueled by the creative minds behind world-class entertainment technology, Orlando is on the verge of explosive growth in its game technology sector. 
  • Orlando houses nationally ranked schools including UCF’s FIEA and Full Sail University, which are consistently ranked every year in the Princeton Review’s Top Game Design Schools.
  • The Orlando Game Space is a one stop shop for development and creative projects. Orlando Game Space is community of digital media professionals that provides support, guidance and connections for growing companies at every level.
  • Indienomicon is a community that provides a streamlined platform to promote the game development industry with profiles of independent game studios Indienomicon hosts Indie Galactic Space Jam, a space themed game event in partnership with NASA and Space Florida each year.
  • The Fortress is home to esports on Full Sail University’s campus. Built to recognize and support Armada – Full Sail’s collegiate-level esports team – The Fortress is a flexible live production space, designed to host everything from friendly campus game events to full competitive collegiate tournaments.

Electronic Arts

Company: Electronic Arts

Phone: (407) 386-4000

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Iron Galaxy Studios

Company: Iron Galaxy Studios

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Full Sail University

Company: Full Sail University

Phone: (407) 679-0100

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Unity Technologies

Company: Unity Technologies

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Company: GameSim

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Company: CyberDream

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Semiconductors, sensors, network


  • NeoCity, a technology district is Osceola County, Florida, is dedicated to the development of smart sensors, photonics, software applications and process improvements in science and engineering.
  • The Center for NeoVation is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing research centers in the western hemisphere. The Center is currently being utilized by imec, an international research & development organization active in the fields of nanoelectronics and digital technologies, as well as U.S. based foundry Skywater Technologies, which is the current operator of the fabrication facility.
  • Skywater Technologies is a one of the country’s only pure-play foundries that combine agile development and quality volume manufacturing with trusted IP security to enable customers efficient development of highly differentiated technologies and rapidly deliver them to market.

SkyWater Technology

SkyWater Technology, the only U.S.-owned and U.S.-based pure play semiconductor foundry, is the official operator of Osceola County’s Center of…

Company: SkyWater Technology

Industry: Advanced Manufacturing

Company Size (Employees): 100-500

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Located in the Florida High Tech Corridor, imec drives local and global innovation on space applications, and cryogenic and superconducting…

Company: imec

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BRIDG is a versatile boutique microelectronics fabrication facility with 200mm (8-inch) wafer fab capabilities.

Company: bridg

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Micross Components is the leading worldwide single-source supplier of specialty microelectronic components designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Company: Micross

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“Our expansive multi-billion dollar VR/AR development, coupled with advancements we’ve made in 3D simulation and gaming have made Orlando the largest contributor to the building blocks of the metaverse….”

– Buddy Dyer

Mayor, City of Orlando

Orlando Innovation and Technology News