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Recruiting additional talent to Orlando is never a hard sell. A quality of life second to none, a competitive cost of living, and a wide range of educational opportunities are just some of the assets that make Orlando an attractive destination for creative minds.

Learn more about the programs and organizations in our region dedicated to workforce training and recruitment.

Workforce Development Organizations

Local organizations including CareerSource Florida, CareerSource Central Florida and Employ Florida work to help grow and upskill the region’s workforce with various programs, incentives and initiatives.

Workforce Training Incentives

Quick Response Training

A state administered program provides grant funding for customized training for new or expanding businesses. The program is structured to be flexible and to respond quickly to meet individual business training objectives. A local training provider – community college, area technical center, or university – is selected to manage the customized program grant and to provide assistance in the application process. Training can be done in-house with company instructors. Grants are based on the number of individuals being trained. Wages must be 125 percent of the local or state average wage.

Incumbent Worker Training

A state administered program provides grant funding for customized training for existing businesses. The program is customer driven, structured to be flexible to meet the business’s training objectives, and is a proven employee retention tool.

With a focus on upgrading existing employee skills, the business may choose public, private, or its own in-house, training provider.

On The Job Training

Choose from a talented pool of candidates using tools and assistance provided by CareerSource Central Florida.

On-the-Job Training provides the opportunity to train new hires in their actual work environment, while a portion of the new employee’s wages may be reimbursed to the employer during the training period.

Employed Worker Training Awards

Administered by CareerSource Central Florida, this program provides funding to assist employers in providing customized training to employees for new technologies or production processes designed to enhance the businesses competitiveness. Training can be specialized and should consist of formal training as well as some on-the-job training. Employer will be reimbursed for 50% of the trainees wage rate, for up to six-months. Employees must currently make less than $58,000 per year.  Additional restrictions apply.

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Incentives are available to qualifying relocating and expanding companies on a case-by-case basis with job creation, quality of wages and capital investment being the significant deciding factors.